We support our clients in successful applications for many different funding schemes. A number of popular funding schemes are the following:

  • The WBSO program is the most widely used R&D stimulation scheme in the Netherlands for corporate R&D. We know how this program can be optimally used for your situation, without much hassle and efforts from your side. We transform your R&D activities meticulously and in a substantiated way in written WBSO applications and are supporting you along the way to ensure that your projects and administration are in compliance with the WBSO regulations. We offer an online portal that provides access and control of all WBSO related applications, progress and administration. In this way you always have an up-to-date insight.
  • Regional programs such as Kansen voor West, OP Oost, OP Zuid en OP EFRO (Northern part of the Netherlands) offer grant opportunities for partnerships of companies, knowledge institutes and other organizations that jointly want to realize innovations or solutions for environmental or societal issues. TechForce is well-informed about the latest calls for proposals and their details, and has extensive experience in setting up and supporting collaborative partnerships within these programs.
  • National (Dutch) innovations programs such as MIT, Innovation Loans, or subsidy schemes under the Topsector Energy. All such schemes have their own specific points of attention. TechForce is always managing and steering on the funding scheme‚Äôs important criteria in relation to the capacities of the project partners and the aims of the project. We strive for an optimal fit, while the goals of our client are always leading.
  • European grant schemes such as COST, Eurostars, Interreg en Horizon2020. The very competitive European framework programs and other joint grant schemes allow for realizing large collaborative European-wide innovations with impact. TechForce is helping companies, knowledge institutes and other organizations to successfully pass through the financially attractive, yet sometimes untransparent European funding landscape.
  • International programs such as DHI, Partners for Water en SDGP offer financial support for opening up new international markets or contributing to specific grand challenges in developing countries regarding food security and water related problems. TechForce supports companies, NGOs, knowledge institutes and governments during the application processes with scoping the project and business cases, composing partnerships and gaining interest with potential donors and governmental agencies. During actual implementation of projects, TechForce can take the role as project manager closely monitoring the progress and correcting, when needed, on both contents and budgets.