Registration, registration, registration continues

By | 2019, SIKIA

Interactive communication between farmers and SIKIA is a continuous activity in the SIKIA project. We invite farmers to enroll to our agronomic advisory service by responding to SIKIA’s USSD service number: *149*50*51#. In addition, a total of 18 extension officers and farmer group leaders were trained on the dissemination of SIKIA USSD survey while Kilimo Trust disseminated 2,000 SIKIA project leaflets with the USSD Code *149*50*51#.

The increased emphasis on informing farmers on how and why to register to SIKIA resulted early 2020 into a database of 20,000 registered farmer profiles! Farmers are receiving twice per week localized weather forecasts.

Are you interested in receiving agronomic advice on your phone? Or do you know rice farmers in Mbeya who could benefit from such information? Then help us reach them by sharing SIKIA’s USSD service number: *149*50*51#.

Near-realtime crop maps

By | 2019, SIKIA

SIKIA succeeded in the delivery of rice growth stages maps which are updated every 6 days. This means that rice agribusinesses can have access to near-realtime crop information. This makes the SAF more interactive.

Would you like to find out how this could work out for your organization? Then register now for a free trial of SIKIA’s online information platform.

Farmer engagement at demonstration plots

By | 2019, SIKIA

Farmer engagement is a key element of the SIKIA project. Our partner Kilimo Trust spent numerous hours with local rice farmers conducting GAP training at four demonstration plots:

Makwale scheme (Kyela), Kisegese scheme (Busokelo) and Kasyabone scheme (Busokelo).

Establishment of demo plots was done in collaboration with extension officers of the respective rice schemes and the selected farmers whose fields were used to demonstrate the best agronomic and harvesting practices. Farming operations such as land preparation (ploughing), weeding, fertilizer application, water management, bird scaring and harvesting was done by lead farmers and Kilimo Trust advised on leveling, transplanting and inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, insecticides and fungicide as well as cost of demonstrating harvesting technologies.

Do you want to know where farmers are based, what kind of variety they are growing and when their harvest is expected without having to leave your office? Then register now for a free trial of SIKIA’s online information platform.

We welcome our first Digital Service Agent (DSA)!

By | 2019, SIKIA

Early 2019 the SIKIA team followed up on the agribusiness workshop held in November 2018 by putting an increased focus on the engagement and registration of agribusinesses. We hired a Digital Service Agent (DSA) stationed in Mbeya, Mr. Allen Charles. Allen visited ca. 300 agribusinesses and presented them with the unique features of the SAF.

Agribusinesses responded positively and actively requested for own access to the SAF to start working with it themselves. Already more than 200 agribusinesses registered for the SAF and have been given access to the SAF on a trial basis.

Are you an agribusiness active in the rice sector in the SAGCOT area? And do you also want to receive the benefits of the SIKIA project? Then register now for a free trial of SIKIA’s information service.